What K9 Granola Customers Love Most About Their Dogs

What K9 Granola Customers Love Most About Their Dogs

Posted on February 09 2017, By: Amy Wineka

What K9 Granola Customers Love Most About Their Dogs

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day at work to see your best friend waiting for you with a joyous expression on their face. With a vigorous tail wag and a drooly grin, you feel the stress of the day roll off your shoulders as you settle in for a good back scratching. Dogs are usually the best medicine for a bad day and make great days even better. But what causes us to love our dogs so much?

Why We Love Our Dogs

Research suggests that gazing into your dog’s eyes causes a release of oxytocin, which is the same hormone released when new parents cuddle their babies. Dogs also have a similar reaction to a human’s gaze and release oxytocin as well, meaning that the love goes both ways.

Of course, loving our dogs goes beyond scientific explanation. Our customers are the best pet parents, so we asked why they love their dogs. Here’s what some of them had to say:
Bailey, K9 Granola Customer


“Valentine’s Day says hearts, and this little girl warms my heart with just a look from that sweet face. Bailey brings a smile no matter how my day is going, even when I am chasing her down for the latest sock or shoe she has decided is hers!” – Bonnie C.

“Um the fluff, the way they rely on you for everything, and love you unconditionally, and are always excited to see you.” – Emily H.

Rowdy, Chase, Hazel, K9 Granola Customers

Rowdy, Chase, and Hazel

“My fur kids show me that sometimes love and life are about the small moments. The love of a dog is some of the greatest anyone can experience, and the love they show me compares to no other. My life would be empty without them!” – Jessica M.

“I love Sophie. She’s turned me into a dog lover. She is the first dog I ever had and is truly part of the family. She has a big personality for a little dog and is always so happy and full of life.” – Justin B.

Charlie, K9 Granola Customer


“Our dog Charlie is the best Valentine for so many reasons but the biggest reason is that he always makes us smile. He makes us smile when he steals the dryer balls from fresh laundry, when he curls up between us in bed, and when he sits patiently on the rug beside his bowl waiting for his dinner. There are so many other times he puts a smile on our faces, but those happen the most often. – Cassandra K.

“Why do I love Sherman? Let me count the ways.... His fur is snuggly and soft. It makes for a great headrest on the couch. He lays on my lap at night and lets me pet him to my heart's content. He greets me anytime of the day with his happy dance. He loves me even if I am having a bad hair day, he doesn't judge my clothes choices or the extra cookie I sneak.” – Dana H.

Looking for a way to show your pet how much you love them this Valentine’s Day? Purchase one of our Valentine’s Day Munch Boxes, and we guarantee you’ll be receiving slobbery kisses in no time! Our Granola Hearts make great valentines for your furry friend to give out on his or her next visit to the dog park, too.