Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

Posted on September 19 2017, By: Amy Wineka

Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday

Dogs are part of the family, which means they deserve to get some extra love on their birthday! In addition to all of the birthday snuggles, here are five ideas to celebrate your dog’s birthday.

Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday

Pampering Session

Pamper your pet with a spa session at home! Our Bed & Bath Collection contains bath bombs and goats milk soap bars that make great gifts. These products contain natural ingredients that leave your pup’s skin feeling gentle and soft. After a luxurious bath, dry him off with a warm towel so he feels extra pampered.

Trip to the Dog Park

Take your dog to the park to get out some of his birthday energy. If your dog is especially social, the dog park is the perfect place to have fun with other dogs. Just make sure that your puppy has had all of his shots before you take him to the dog park.

If there isn’t a dog park close to you, or your dog would rather spend the day with just you, an extra long walk is a great way to burn off all of that birthday excitement.

Birthday Party

Instead of a party at the dog park, bring the party to your house! Go all out with decorations! And if you want to take the party to the next level, have a photo booth, set up a sprinkler, or hide treats for a scavenger hunt.

Birthday Dog Treats

It can be tempting to treat your pup to something decadent like people food, but it’s important to still feed them treats that are meant for dogs. After all, you want to keep him happy and healthy! Make sure you choose birthday-themed treats to make the day extra festive.

Our birthday bakery items, including our birthday cakes and dog bones, are made from our famous granola recipe, which is wheat, corn, and soy free. These birthday-themed treats are a delicious and safe way for your dog to enjoy a birthday cake.

And, if you’re hosting a party with all of your dog’s best friends, then you’re definitely going to want to order a six-pack of our delicious pupcakes. These also make great party favors!

Birthday Gifts

Aren’t gifts the best thing about birthdays? For busy pet parents, our Birthday Munch Box is a great gift as it takes the guesswork out of what to get for your canine friend. It contains some of our most beloved and best-selling treats all wrapped up and ready to gift to your pup!

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