Managing Dog's Weight with Green Beans

Managing Dog's Weight with Green Beans

Posted on January 13 2017, By: Amy Wineka

Managing Dog's Weight with Green Beans

According to The Whole Dog Journal, as many as half of dogs in the United States are overweight. Luckily, a healthy diet and regular exercise can make a big difference in their health.

Now that we’ve reached a new year, it is a particularly great time to assess your dog’s nutrition and dietary plan. Depending on your dog’s age, weight and physical condition, you may want to consult with your veterinarian about the green bean diet.

Dog Green Bean Diet

Green Bean Benefits for Dogs

Many vegetables like pumpkin, sweet potato, and green beans offer great benefits for dogs. Green beans are high in fiber and low in calories, which is why the green bean diet is often a recommended solution for overweight dogs. Fiber gives the dog the sensation of being full, meaning they won’t be as likely to beg for more food and treats.

On the green bean diet, (low sodium) green beans should be baked or steamed and given in small quantities. Make sure they are cut up small enough to prevent choking.

Do your research and talk with your veterinarian about the green bean diet. In some instances, an alternative diet might be suggested for overweight dogs. For example, dogs with kidney issues should avoid green beans. Green beans contain oxalates and can cause calcium oxalate crystals and stones in dogs.

Green Bean Dog Treats

Don’t forget about treats when putting your dog on a weight management diet plan like the green bean diet. No more than 10% of your dog’s daily food intake should come from treats. Even a dog on a healthy diet can gain weight from too many treats. That being said, you don’t want to deprive your dog of treats completely, particularly if treats are used for training purposes. Consider treats that are high in fiber and low in calories to help manage their weight.

At K9 Granola Factory, we incorporated the nutrition of green beans into our tasty treats. We infused our beloved Pumpkin Crunchers with all-natural green beans, applesauce and a dash of cinnamon to create Pro-Fusion Crunchers Lean BeanZ. At just 16 calories per treat, dogs love the flavor of these green bean treats, and owners love that they contain all-natural, quality ingredients. Because Lean BeanZ only contain nine ingredients, they can also be a great treat for dogs on a limited ingredient diet.

Our Green Bean Chips are another light snack option for dogs. Green Bean Chips only contain four ingredients: green bean, canola oil, dextrin, and salt. People love trying our Green Bean chips, too and could be a great treat to share!

Even if your furry friend is at a healthy weight, our Lean BeanZ Crunchers and Green Bean Chips are still great treats. Learn more about our Lean BeanZ Crunchers and Green Bean Chips to determine which are best for your dog’s needs. Better yet, try both for your pup!