Three Sweet Potato Treats for Dogs

Three Sweet Potato Treats for Dogs

Posted on February 23 2017, By: Amy Wineka

Three Sweet Potato Treats for Dogs

Sweet potato is another food item that is a great source of nutrition for humans and dogs. For dogs, sweet potato aids in digestive health because it is high in fiber. It’s also low in fat, so your veterinarian may suggest incorporating it into your dog’s diet to manage weight.

Sweet potato treats for your dog

Often, pet parents can accidentally give their dogs too much sweet potato. Typically, no more than a tablespoon is recommended depending on the size of the dog. Too much fiber can cause gastrointestinal issues. Introducing any new food to your dog’s diet should be done carefully and in moderation.

As an alternative to cooked sweet potato, dog treats that contain sweet potato can be a better method of controlling portion sizes, ensuring your dog isn’t eating too much of this starch.

K9 Granola Factory currently offers three sweet potato treats. Our furry customers love the flavor of sweet potato. All of our treats are designed with dog’s health and nutrition in mind, and so it’s easier for dog owners to control how much sweet potato they are giving.

Simply Biscuits are one of our classic treats and come in two sizes, small and medium. They’re crafted as a hard, crunchy treat to promote healthy teeth and gums. The steak and sweet potato flavor will definitely be a hit with your dog. We recommend the small treat for portion control or to use as a training reward.

Pumpkin Crunchers are our most popular treat. Pumpkin and sweet potato are packed full of nutrients for pets, so it only made sense to combine these two flavors into one treat, our Sweet Potato Pumpkin Crunchers.

If you want something equally tasty for humans and pets, try our sweet potato chips. They’re dehydrated sweet potatoes that don’t require preparation. The best part? They’re made with one ingredient: sweet potato.

While sweet potato treats can be more nutritional than other treats, always be careful to not overfeed. Always look at the listed ingredients. As a family-owned and -operated business, we’re proud that all our sweet potato treats are sourced, baked, and packaged in the USA.

Additionally, talk with your vet about how many treats your pet should have on a daily basis. The recommendation is typically no more than 10% of their daily caloric intake.