Pro Energy Gel Syringe

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K9 Granola Factory's Pro-energy gel syringe uses natural and/or organic ingredients to provide the finest supplement available. This product specifically targets dogs that are lacking energy or stimulation due to illness or depression.  The convenient gel formula acts as an "emergency kit" for your dog and provides the following benefits in a rapid delivery system.

Pro-Energy Gel Syringe benefits:

  • Combats Fatigue and Increases Stamina
  • Fights Depression
  • Helps eliminate Lethargy
  • Speed Training Recovery

The Pro-Energy Gel Syringe uses Peruvian Maca, Bee Pollen, and Red Raspberry Fruit powder to safely lift the spirits of your pet.

The simple to use precise delivery system makes administering the exact dose a snap. Use at a rate of 2-4 grams (2-4cc) for every 30lbs of body weight.  Select the proper dosage based on the dogs body weight, uncap the syringe and place on tip on the back of tongue.  Depress plunger until it stops.  Recap syringe and do not refrigerate.  Product has three (3) year shelf life.

Pro-energy gel syringe helps re-energize a lethargic or depressed pet.