Pro Bowel Gel Syringe

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K9 Granola Factory's pro-bowel gel syringe is designed with a simple provide your pet with the finest natural and/or organic supplement available.  The convenient gel formula acts like and "emergency kit" for your dog and provides the following benefits in a rapid delivery system.

Pro-Bowel Gel Syringe benefits:

  •  Rapid Relief of Diarrhea & Upset Stomach
  • Provides digestive bacteria and enzymes for rapid relief
  • Helps relieve symptoms of diarrhea, gas and upset stomach
  • Combats loss of appetite
  • Improves Digestion

The simple to use precise delivery system makes adminstering the exact dose a snap ... and provides digestive
bacteria and enzymes for rapid relief.  Use at a rate of 2-4 grams (2-4cc) for every 30lbs of body weight.
Select the proper dosage based on dogs weight.  

Use as needed.  Recap and store in a cool dry place.  No refrigeration needed.  Product has three (3) year shelf life.

The Pro-bowel gel syringe should be a staple in every pet parent's cupboard.






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