Pro Biotic Chewable, Large

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K9 Granola Factory's Pro-biotic chewable large size bone uses Natural and Organic ingredients to provide the finest pro-biotics in an easy and great tasting chew tablet.

Pro-biotic simply means FOR LIFE. Without the good bacteria we call probiotics, the body cannot properly digest food, fight bad microbes, or maintain the pH that allows the body to function in a healthy range. *

  • Contains high levels of 5 beneficial bacterial types and 6 enzymes, cold pressed to maintain nutrient integrity
  • Increases Food and Nutrition utilization by a minimum of 40%
  • Supports detoxification and bowel cleansing for better food utilization
  • Helps reduce or prevent loose stool, gas, and diarrhea
  • Aids in building strong immune system 
  • Encourages appetite
  • Micro-encapsulated for up to 3 year shelf life without refrigeration

The simple "bone a day" concept is similar to a one a day nutritional program for humans.  The chewable bone
is flavored with cheddar cheese so it is as great tasting as it is beneficial.  Each jar has a 30ct supply.

Pro-biotic chewable bone is also available in a small bone size for the smaller breed.

Pro-biotic chewable large bone may be easily broken for a medium size dog or one bone recommended daily for a 50lb dog.