Bitch's Blends Caramel Pecan Gourmet Flavored Coffee for People, Pot Pack

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    K9 Granola Factory

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    A little bit of sweet and a whole lot of sass make this new BITCH'S BLEND gourmet coffee a smash with java drinkers. Made with the finest fresh-roasted Arabica beans, our Caramel Pecan Coffee captures the incredible flavor of chewy, gooey flavor and enticing aroma.  You'll swear you're nibbling on a slow roasted pecan that's been drizzled in buttery cream.  For all of its rich, sweet taste, this delicious coffee blend is completely guilt-free with no sugar, calories, or cholesterol. 

    Introducing Pot Packs - 1 POT PACK=8-10 CUP POT! 

    NOT INTENDED FOR DOGS but for us dog people.